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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Army Showcase

Hey guys, decided to take some pics and show all of my models at once. I'll go through and make a separate post for each unit in the near future, detailing how I made and painted them as well some general tactical discussion and how I intend to use them in cohesion with my force. So here we are: 
Saint Celestine
Primaris Psyker
                                                             Henchmen (Death Cults and Crusaders)

Uriah Jacobus

Battle Sisters 
 Battle Sisters
 Magnetized Battle Sisters
 Blob Squad
 Blob Squad 
  Blob Squad
                                      Platoon Command Squad

 Fast Attack
 Dominions Back
 Seraphim Superior

Heavy Support


Next time I'll share my army list and future plans :).

Monday, 28 January 2013

Meow Meow Updated

Recieved word from Space Corsair this morning. The closure seems to have come as a surprise to him as well.

He'll be looking for a new caster or learning to do it himself, but he's going to keep me posted, so ill add updates on here when he does :).

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Meow Meow Mini's Closed!

Today I awoke to some sad news. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Meow Meow Mini's has closed down and needless to say, I'm a bit of a sad cat. They had the following to say:


Due to unfortunate circumstances, we will no longer be accepting new orders. The web site shall remain active until all current orders have been filled and shipped. We will not be selling any molds, and the rights to the sculpts remain with the sculptor. We thank you for your patronage, but unfortunately the best decision for our family is to discontinue home-based commercial enterprises and concentrate on maintaining happiness in the home.

- Jacqualine and Jackie"

Unfortunately for us this means no more female parts any time soon, I'll be sending Space Corsair a message to see if he has any plans for another caster. 

I must hand it to myself, impeccable timing! Starting a blog mere days before the close... 

Regardless I will still continue to post.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

A Recipe for Battle Sisters Part II: Components

A whole is greater than the sum of its parts...

The parts are still very important though, so here's a list, from top to bottom of the components that make a Battle Sister of The Order of the 3rd Street Saints;

I would have loved to use GW sister heads, I particularly like the helmeted sister heads. However, the only plastic sprue they come on is the immolator one, so coming across the bitz on the net is a bit of a challenge. The Galactic Chevaliers heads make up the bulk of my ladies. Being sculpted by Space Corsair, they happen to quite unique. The helmeted heads are my favourites as they have a similar style to GW's. I also used a couple of female DE Wyche heads, trimming down the pointed ears before gluing to the torso.

Galactic Chevaliers Heads
Dark Eldar Wyche Heads

To match the long pointy style of GW Sister shoulders, I opted for Lizardmen Saurus Warrior shoulder pads. I had used these previously on some wolf scout conversions and was quite happy with the outcome.

Search Ebay for these bad boys.

I almost exclusively use the winged siren pattern galactic chevaliers chest piece from Meow Meow Minis for my Sisters. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they slot in perfectly with the legs that i chose, and
look really great proportion wise to Eldar bits (These also come in a blank and jump pack strap pattern).

Galactic Chevaliers Siren Pattern Winged Skull Torsos

I decided to use Grey Knight Backpacks for my Sisters, however, any marine backpack will suffice, sister backpacks would be perfect if one had access to a lot of them.

Search Ebay for these bad boys.

I started of using Space Marine Scout Bolter arms, but they do tend to look very slightly out of proportion. As i made more ladies i started experimenting with High Elf and DE arms. Elf arms are the most ideal as a lot of their pieces come with a robe attached to the piece, but DE arms work very nicely for bolter arms (Especially Kabalite Warrior arms).

Search Ebay for these bad boys.
Guns:My biggest qualm when it comes to my Sisters are their bolters. Marine bolters are a little too big, but not model breaking big. I used Scout bolters and a few stand alone Marine bolters. For flamers and meltas I used Black Templar weapons.

Search Ebay for these bad boys, note that Scout Bolters come attached to the arms.
I use Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior legs for my Sisters. They have a very similar, slim style to GW Sister legs (minus spikes of course). The galactic chevaliers female marine legs are also an option.
Search Ebay for these bad boys.Galactic Chevaliers Siren Pattern Legs

My Sisters wouldn't be real Sisters without robey bits in-between the legs and under the shoulders. I sculpted these parts myself with green stuff.

I will post a guide for these in the near future.

So there you have it, the Vrall style to making battle sisters. To add some final touches I used Grey Knight Purity Seals and Black Templar Crusader Bits. Recently ive also been adding Bretonian fluer de lis waterslide transfers for a finishing touch. I buy most of my bits from an ebay store named Blackdagger Games, but if they don't have what I'm looking for, usually someone else on eBay does, so search away :).
Please also note, all the bits don't perfectly fit together, some trimming is required on the arms to make room for shoulder robes. 
Until next time.

Friday, 25 January 2013

A Recipe for Battle Sisters Part I: Space Corsair

Returning to the 41st millenium after a hiatus always follows a similar protocol for me. Usually I stumble upon an article about an army update. I then almost always head to gw's official site, scouring the army section of the 40k portal, seeing what's changed since my last visit, so long ago. I stumble upon something I like and BAM, I'm sucked right back in.

Last time, it wasn't what had changed that caught my attention, it was what hadn't. Witch Hunters were no more, and Sisters of Battle had returned! However, the same old "guitar gun" toting pewter models that frustrated me years before were still the tabletop representation of the mighty Adeptus Sororitas. My quest began with a simple google search; "plastic sisters of battle".

Things took off from there and after failing to find a simple alternative to the pewter sisters I decided to kit bash my own. In my travels through the plane of google I came across many inspirations that would lead me to my final design; the use of eldar/elf sized parts, scout arms, but my biggest find was Space Corsair.

Space Corsair is an extremely talented sculptor who works with green stuff. He has sculpted many pieces that have gone onto sell in relatively well known third party bits stores such as chapterhouse studio's. Pieces from simple legs and arms to fit a jetbike to full models such as Howling Hounds (Manshees) and a unique striking skorpion exarch, to full blown multipart female marine kits. What interested me the most were his female marines.

I was curious to see how Space Corsairs torsos would work with the other parts I had in mind, so I headed over to Meow Meow Minis and ordered away. After that i never looked back. Needless to say i was incredibly pleased with the quality of the pieces, but more importantly how they fitted in perfectly with my concept.

Please, check out Space Corsairs blog and Dakka thread, or if you're feeling impulsive go straight to Meow Meow Minis and purchase some bits now, you won't be dissappointed! I have included all relevent links below.

Space Corsairs Green Stuff Thread
Space Corsairs Blog
Meow Meow Minis


Hey there readers.

Welcome to The Order of the 3rd Street Saints, I am Justin, (usually) known throughout the internet as Vrall. As a young Australian I enjoy partaking in many activities and hobbies; Playing basketball,  video games (specifically blizzard and halo titles), watching quality T.V. shows, and of course playing Warhammer 40,000 which is what this blog will be all about.

I've been playing Warhammer on and off for a little under a decade now, starting back in 3rd edition with a horribly painted and assembled Ultramarines force. Moving forward my armies included Tyranids, another space marine force and an inquisition force (mainly consisting of battle sisters). Armies were bought, and armies were sold, and today I've ended up with over 6000 points of Space Pups. About six months ago, i decided it was time to move on, my Space Pups would retire to the shelf and my new army would be created in their stead.

I decided on Sisters of Battle to be my next force. I have always had a soft spot for the sisters, they are quirky; not many people play them and i find there rules to be quite unique. My only qualm's were the fact that the whole army must be ordered from GW direct and that they are all metal. I went looking for more conversion friendly alternatives and stumbled upon Space Corsairs female Space Marines, but more on them in another post. So Six months later I find myself with a healthy, almost complete Adeptus Sororitas force (with Imperial Guard Allies), and for the first time in my warhammer life i will actually be using them in battles; Despite being into the hobby for so long, i've only really played around a dozen games...

This blog will entail the creation, growth and adventures of my own Adeptus Sororitas force
(Which i had previously already begun to do over on the dakka dakka forums: )
I like to refer to my order as The Order of the 3rd Street Saints (I'll let you figure out why).
In the next few days i will be posting articles on how i create/convert each of my units, my painting techniques and thoughts behind how my army will play on the board (basically copy and pasting everything from my dakka dakka thread). Following that the rest of my blog can begin, moving on into uncharted territory.

Until next time.