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Friday, 25 January 2013

A Recipe for Battle Sisters Part I: Space Corsair

Returning to the 41st millenium after a hiatus always follows a similar protocol for me. Usually I stumble upon an article about an army update. I then almost always head to gw's official site, scouring the army section of the 40k portal, seeing what's changed since my last visit, so long ago. I stumble upon something I like and BAM, I'm sucked right back in.

Last time, it wasn't what had changed that caught my attention, it was what hadn't. Witch Hunters were no more, and Sisters of Battle had returned! However, the same old "guitar gun" toting pewter models that frustrated me years before were still the tabletop representation of the mighty Adeptus Sororitas. My quest began with a simple google search; "plastic sisters of battle".

Things took off from there and after failing to find a simple alternative to the pewter sisters I decided to kit bash my own. In my travels through the plane of google I came across many inspirations that would lead me to my final design; the use of eldar/elf sized parts, scout arms, but my biggest find was Space Corsair.

Space Corsair is an extremely talented sculptor who works with green stuff. He has sculpted many pieces that have gone onto sell in relatively well known third party bits stores such as chapterhouse studio's. Pieces from simple legs and arms to fit a jetbike to full models such as Howling Hounds (Manshees) and a unique striking skorpion exarch, to full blown multipart female marine kits. What interested me the most were his female marines.

I was curious to see how Space Corsairs torsos would work with the other parts I had in mind, so I headed over to Meow Meow Minis and ordered away. After that i never looked back. Needless to say i was incredibly pleased with the quality of the pieces, but more importantly how they fitted in perfectly with my concept.

Please, check out Space Corsairs blog and Dakka thread, or if you're feeling impulsive go straight to Meow Meow Minis and purchase some bits now, you won't be dissappointed! I have included all relevent links below.

Space Corsairs Green Stuff Thread
Space Corsairs Blog
Meow Meow Minis

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  1. I'm glad to see someone talking about a reasonable/affordable way to make sisters, since they get so little support from GW. That said, I think GW's sculpts for sisters repeat a mistake that is common in fantasy scuplture/art, which is creating figure formed breastplates for female marines, its also known as "the chainmail bikini." It would make sense to use a more standard chest plate and just use a female featured head, were we starting from scratch rather than replicating GW's poor design choice. I like to point to the depiction of Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones for what a woman in armour looks like...which is to say, she looks just like a man in armour :)