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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Meow Meow Mini's Closed!

Today I awoke to some sad news. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Meow Meow Mini's has closed down and needless to say, I'm a bit of a sad cat. They had the following to say:


Due to unfortunate circumstances, we will no longer be accepting new orders. The web site shall remain active until all current orders have been filled and shipped. We will not be selling any molds, and the rights to the sculpts remain with the sculptor. We thank you for your patronage, but unfortunately the best decision for our family is to discontinue home-based commercial enterprises and concentrate on maintaining happiness in the home.

- Jacqualine and Jackie"

Unfortunately for us this means no more female parts any time soon, I'll be sending Space Corsair a message to see if he has any plans for another caster. 

I must hand it to myself, impeccable timing! Starting a blog mere days before the close... 

Regardless I will still continue to post.


  1. I'll be checking back to your blog a lot these days to see if Space Corsair is responding to your question - I found out about Meow-Meow through your blog and just when I was going to order some parts last weekend, I found out they were already closed - really sad moment...

    1. Sorry about that, as I said impeccable timing haha. I recieved a message from Space Corsair this morning and the closure was a bit of a surprise to him to. He's going to keep me posted on what's happening so ill keep you posted :).

    2. That's great - looking forward to it :-)