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Saturday, 26 January 2013

A Recipe for Battle Sisters Part II: Components

A whole is greater than the sum of its parts...

The parts are still very important though, so here's a list, from top to bottom of the components that make a Battle Sister of The Order of the 3rd Street Saints;

I would have loved to use GW sister heads, I particularly like the helmeted sister heads. However, the only plastic sprue they come on is the immolator one, so coming across the bitz on the net is a bit of a challenge. The Galactic Chevaliers heads make up the bulk of my ladies. Being sculpted by Space Corsair, they happen to quite unique. The helmeted heads are my favourites as they have a similar style to GW's. I also used a couple of female DE Wyche heads, trimming down the pointed ears before gluing to the torso.

Galactic Chevaliers Heads
Dark Eldar Wyche Heads

To match the long pointy style of GW Sister shoulders, I opted for Lizardmen Saurus Warrior shoulder pads. I had used these previously on some wolf scout conversions and was quite happy with the outcome.

Search Ebay for these bad boys.

I almost exclusively use the winged siren pattern galactic chevaliers chest piece from Meow Meow Minis for my Sisters. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they slot in perfectly with the legs that i chose, and
look really great proportion wise to Eldar bits (These also come in a blank and jump pack strap pattern).

Galactic Chevaliers Siren Pattern Winged Skull Torsos

I decided to use Grey Knight Backpacks for my Sisters, however, any marine backpack will suffice, sister backpacks would be perfect if one had access to a lot of them.

Search Ebay for these bad boys.

I started of using Space Marine Scout Bolter arms, but they do tend to look very slightly out of proportion. As i made more ladies i started experimenting with High Elf and DE arms. Elf arms are the most ideal as a lot of their pieces come with a robe attached to the piece, but DE arms work very nicely for bolter arms (Especially Kabalite Warrior arms).

Search Ebay for these bad boys.
Guns:My biggest qualm when it comes to my Sisters are their bolters. Marine bolters are a little too big, but not model breaking big. I used Scout bolters and a few stand alone Marine bolters. For flamers and meltas I used Black Templar weapons.

Search Ebay for these bad boys, note that Scout Bolters come attached to the arms.
I use Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior legs for my Sisters. They have a very similar, slim style to GW Sister legs (minus spikes of course). The galactic chevaliers female marine legs are also an option.
Search Ebay for these bad boys.Galactic Chevaliers Siren Pattern Legs

My Sisters wouldn't be real Sisters without robey bits in-between the legs and under the shoulders. I sculpted these parts myself with green stuff.

I will post a guide for these in the near future.

So there you have it, the Vrall style to making battle sisters. To add some final touches I used Grey Knight Purity Seals and Black Templar Crusader Bits. Recently ive also been adding Bretonian fluer de lis waterslide transfers for a finishing touch. I buy most of my bits from an ebay store named Blackdagger Games, but if they don't have what I'm looking for, usually someone else on eBay does, so search away :).
Please also note, all the bits don't perfectly fit together, some trimming is required on the arms to make room for shoulder robes. 
Until next time.

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  1. Hi,

    Great conversions.

    It's a shame I have only just come accross your blog as I'm starting a Sisters army now. I'm using wych legs and bodies, but like you I'm using kabalite warrior arms. For shoulder pads I used hellion shoulder pads (with the spikes cut off).

    Are you going to restart posting now that Sisters have a new codex