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Friday, 25 January 2013


Hey there readers.

Welcome to The Order of the 3rd Street Saints, I am Justin, (usually) known throughout the internet as Vrall. As a young Australian I enjoy partaking in many activities and hobbies; Playing basketball,  video games (specifically blizzard and halo titles), watching quality T.V. shows, and of course playing Warhammer 40,000 which is what this blog will be all about.

I've been playing Warhammer on and off for a little under a decade now, starting back in 3rd edition with a horribly painted and assembled Ultramarines force. Moving forward my armies included Tyranids, another space marine force and an inquisition force (mainly consisting of battle sisters). Armies were bought, and armies were sold, and today I've ended up with over 6000 points of Space Pups. About six months ago, i decided it was time to move on, my Space Pups would retire to the shelf and my new army would be created in their stead.

I decided on Sisters of Battle to be my next force. I have always had a soft spot for the sisters, they are quirky; not many people play them and i find there rules to be quite unique. My only qualm's were the fact that the whole army must be ordered from GW direct and that they are all metal. I went looking for more conversion friendly alternatives and stumbled upon Space Corsairs female Space Marines, but more on them in another post. So Six months later I find myself with a healthy, almost complete Adeptus Sororitas force (with Imperial Guard Allies), and for the first time in my warhammer life i will actually be using them in battles; Despite being into the hobby for so long, i've only really played around a dozen games...

This blog will entail the creation, growth and adventures of my own Adeptus Sororitas force
(Which i had previously already begun to do over on the dakka dakka forums: )
I like to refer to my order as The Order of the 3rd Street Saints (I'll let you figure out why).
In the next few days i will be posting articles on how i create/convert each of my units, my painting techniques and thoughts behind how my army will play on the board (basically copy and pasting everything from my dakka dakka thread). Following that the rest of my blog can begin, moving on into uncharted territory.

Until next time.

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